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    HubSpot CRM implementation 




      • Reduce our reliance on manual processes so we can scale. Every lead is managed in a manual way: from allocating them to the right fit consultant to working out if they've worked with anyone in the business in the past. The business manually creates quotes using word and excel. 

      • Enable management with simple live-time reporting so we can enable our sales team. Sales meetings are driven by *what* we have in our pipeline, rather than a coaching-led workshop to convert and close opportunities. 
      • With a traffic to lead conversion of 0.008%, help us increase our traffic to contact conversion. Potential leads find us, then 'bounce'. We want to capture more traffic, to feed our sales team with more leads. 

      • Help us understand the return on our paid marketing efforts: what works and what doesn’t.








    Sequence implementation

    A 3-step sequence was built out to manage product/contact form submissions. 

    • Rather than 'order taking' (supplying a price for the product) the sequence prompted the sales team to recommend similar options at different price points. 

    • Acknowledging 'great taste' and the offer of a consult served to shift the conversation from an impersonal & cost-driven 'product inquiry' to a highly personal and genuine offer to help find the right options for the lead; paving the way for up-sell opportunities. 

                       studio italia sequence




    HubSpot Quote Implementation

    With a 6-click trick (thanks to HubSpot's quoting tool developments!), a design consultant can produce a slick quote that reflects the high-quality nature of the products.

    Untitled_ Dec 28, 2021 3_39 PM


    Lead management 

    Reviewing, delegating, & following up on product/contact form submissions was a 3-hr a week 'task' for the business owner. 

    Automation was developed to allocate a lead to the consultant a lead had worked with before, or the right consultant for them based on the nature of their inquiry i.e.

    • Contact owner is known, forward inquiry to contact owner 

    • Contact owner is unknown, contact is managed by a staff member who specialises in the area of the contact’s interest


    Sales enablement automation


    Traffic to contact conversion

    Historically, leads would submit a decision-stage product inquiry form or a contact form. To bridge the gap between consideration and decision, CTA's & pop up forms were embedded to the website, including "get the look book" and "get VIP access to sales". 

    Lead nurture automations were developed to show contacts 'the next step'; booking a design consultation, or a drip campaign showing remainder sale product. 


    Contact to consult conversion

    A landing page outlining the Design Process was developed to explain the process, offering up the opportunity to book a design consult. 

    Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 4.42.09 PM

    Book a design consult






    Contact/Product inquiry forms


    Traffic to contact conversion 





    In embedding contact/product inquiry automation, RECIPE marketing has saved me 156-hours of time a year, that's about 4-weeks of my time each year. 

    - Valeria, studio italia, owner 

    Our weekly sales meetings have changed for the better. Instead of each consultant talking to what they're doing, we know what everyone is doing ahead of time, so we can coach, train and support our consultants on how to close. 

    - Joanna, studio italia, owner 


    Project type: Marketing Strategy development and implementation

    Website: studioitalia.co.nz