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Food Control Plans

HubSpot Impact Award-Winning Case Study:

Coaching a business to +39% increase in sales (with only 3k ad spend)

RECIPE marketing

Specialists in food compliance, FoodControlPlans.co.nz (FCP) wanted growth. Rather than outsourcing the implementation of their growth marketing strategy to an external agency they'd become critically dependant on, FCP wanted to learn how to implement the Inbound Methodology in-house: driving their own growth. Inbound coaches & consultants, RECIPE was called in to develop the right strategy, empower the team, and coach them through implementation. FCP achieved a near 40%-increase in sales (QoQ) post campaign go-live. Equipped with an intimate understanding of how to apply the Inbound Methodology, FCP is work-flowing, sequencing, nurturing and delighting their customers (and growing, too!) all on their own. Huzzah!


In an industry known for adopting traditional marketing channels, the team had little concept of personas, had ‘internal processes’ instead of a customer journey, and no content. But they knew their customer and understood there was a critical need to educate the market.

Paid digital advertising encouraged business owners to 'buy a food control plan package' when many business owners did not understand they needed one, or how difficult it could be to create one themselves. How to target business owners was also a concern as paid advertising efforts to date had not produced a positive ROI. 

Lead generation was not being utilised. FCP's website only showed buyer-ready 'contact us' forms with 5-data points required. 

There was no lead nurture mechanism in place. Email marketing centred on reminders to ‘book a compliance package’ rather than educating leads as to what compliance was required, how to show compliance, what the challenges to getting compliant were, and how FCP could help. 

Minimal thought had been applied to how the business could increase LTV of customers by introducing them to the benefits of their other products, including re-registration and food safety training services.


  1. How do you target a hospitality business, in an Inbound way, before it opens? And once it opens, how do you ensure advertising reaches the decision-maker? 
  2. Get positive ROI on advertising spend, fast. 
  3. Looking ahead, ensure FCP has an automated process in place to cope with increase in prospects. 
  4. Maintain FCP's high service levels. 


> Personas were developed that reflected two ideal customers with very different drivers, priorities and approaches. Understanding Owner Operator Ollie and Training Manager Tim gave both marketing and sales teams insight into how the team could become more customer-centric.

> The customer journey was mapped and key areas for improvement identified, with Ollie and Tim in mind. Automation-led process improvements focused on all stages of the buyers journey including lead nurturing, the marketing to sales hand-off and customer onboarding. 

> A positioning, content, segmentation, acquisition and retention strategy was developed.

> A series of coaching workshops on the inbound methodology, and HubSpot’s tools, prepared the team for campaign execution.


  • Content developed that meets each stage of the buyer's journey
  • Lead generation switched on 
  • Nurture campaign switched on 
  • Forms and automations to support increased volume of sales switched on.


Facebook advertising moved from interest-based targeting to behaviour-based targeting. In the past, ads were shown to 'chefs' and users interested in 'kitchen management'. But this didn't target Business Owner Bob decision-makers, or decision-makers before they opened their business. Instead, Food and Beverage admins were targeted. This ensured FCP reached Business Owner Bob decision-makers (many of whom had created a Facebook page but hadn't started trading, or were trading on a smaller scale).  A remarketing campaign was deployed to those who'd viewed FCP's website in the past. A remarketing campaign was also deployed to those who'd bought in the past, with key content pieces that reflected on-going compliance needs (rather than just the initial build of a compliance plan.) 

Target Audience



>> Moving from outbound: "Buy a Food Compliance Package"  to inbound: “The 5-things a food business needs to trade legally in New Zealand", FCP offered useful content for download via Facebook Lead Ad. 

>> Pop-up forms implemented to FCP's website with useful, relevant content offers 

>> Chatbot implemented to key pages on FCP's website that helped leads establish their Compliance Registration category (a real pain point for business owners).  





A nurtured workflow leveraging content moved MQLs to SQLs. 

CTA's were used to segment by persona (to Training Manager Tim, or Business Owner Bob), and segment by readiness i.e. how far away is the launch of your business, with the carrot of the right information by persona. 

Team FCP has been continually iterating when it comes to their nurture campaign: they understand what the stats mean, and how to pivot to these. As new content is developed, this is slotted into the workflows, and a practice of continual improvement is adhered to. 





Prior to our engagement, FCP spent a lot of face time with customers: half-day compliance consultancy sessions were required. In a workshop, FCP identified that their personas were time-poor, and reducing time spent on-site with clients became high-priority. 

Using forms to capture the information they needed, FCP was able to dramatically decrease face-to-face time with clients. Compliance consultancy sessions went from 1/2 days to 40-minutes in total. In doing this, the team has both increased capacity and also delivered a frictionless experience for customers.







Automations were also developed to free up staff-time spent on follow-up post compliance implementation. With the view to improving FCP’s overall service offering, these automations included helpful videos, checklists, and resources that customers could use once their compliance package had been built. 

"You guys are amazing: I can't believe how seamless this process has been" 

- FCP's Customer 

"I love how you've been sending me what I need, at the right time, so I don't get overwhelmed with what needs to be done". 

- FCP's Customer 



Post-campaign switch-on, traffic was maintained to similar levels of the last 6-months but the quality of traffic improved with better targeting. This was evidenced by an increase in lead generation of over +426%, quarter-on-quarter, and ultimately, sales. 

While the team hadn't increased their budget, their budget was working harder and smarter for them. 

Same spend = better outcomes. 





3-Months after campaign go-live:


Total year on year quarter growth


Quarter on quarter growth



"The impact RECIPE has had on the business? It's incalculable because it's ongoing: it's felt in every part of our business, on a daily basis. We continue to grow, and we're excited about scoping up another engagement with you to support the delivery of another product." - FCP

ROI on Inbound consultancy and coaching

Food Control Plans

Project type: Inbound Strategy Development & Coaching 

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