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+1,886% increase in lead generation over Australian winter heating season


Castworks, a distributor of luxury European wood-burning fireplaces in Australia, identified an opportunity to fuel growth through product adoption by architects, interior designers, builders and project managers. A goal that would support long-term growth, success would see Castworks’ products specified across multi-site housing developments in the residential sector. Growing product awareness and selection through builder, interior designer and project manager segments would see architect specification supported, and growth in product selection tied to renovation.


Director CJ Mackay knew he wanted to started a conversation with architectects but didn’t have a large sales team to support this objective.


RECIPE developed a lead generation strategy and nurture campaign that would serve to excite and educate architects. Instead of an ad showing a product or two in architect-focus publications, RECIPE briefed Castworks’ agency on the development of a “Winter 2018 Fireplace Trend Lookbook”. Heavy in inspirational imagery, content included the information architects would need to make informed decisions on new product. In exchange for the Lookbook, architects would share basic contact details. An automated nurturing campaign was also developed to further educate architects with tools like a comparison chart highlighting which product would be the right fit for their projects, based on the project brief.



leads generated during the first month of the campaign. Including:

456 high-value architects and interior designer leads for multiple projects
2,226 builder, project manager and homeowner leads

In comparison, 135 leads were generated over the same period in 2017: that’s a +1,886% increase in leads on the last winter season.

increase in website traffic in comparison to last winter season. + reversal of declining web traffic trend over the last 3-heating seasons.

increase in Facebook followers

Get The Winter 2018 Lookbook


The Result

CAPTURE: The offer of quality content drives target audience of architects, interior designers, builders, project managers and homeowners to a landing page offering the Guide to Winter 2018’s Fireplace Trends in exchange for their email address. Leads were segmented into architect, interior designer, builder, homeowner and project manager.

ENGAGE: Tailored nurture trails were designed for both architect/interior designer and homeowner segments that spoke to their respective needs and interests. Using marketing automation, the team were able to share benefits, features and pricing to move customers from high-level inspiration to consideration.

DELIGHT: Marketing Automation supported a personalised reach-out from CJ with questions for architects on interior designers, seeking to better understand what they liked, and how he could help.

With a database now in place, effectively segmented into architects, interior designers, project managers, builders and homeowners, Castworks is now able to develop further nurturing trails using marketing automation; communicating with the right people, in the right way, at-scale.



“Would love to specify 5-fires for a project”- Jocelyn Broderick, Architect
“I’m interested in one of your fireboxes for my own home” – Shaun Schroter, Architect
“There’s a number of these we’re interested in both for our home and other projects” – Tony Cotter, Architect


“Good service and good marketing” – Chris MacDonald, homeowner
“Great products – I’m coming into see your Sydney stockist” – Neville Thomas, homeowner
“I’m interested in the Morso Range – do you have a retailer up this way?” – Sonja Bailey, homeowner



Project type: lead generation strategy and nurture campaign

Website: castworks.com.au