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TimberTECH use Hubspot CRM to pave the way for business growth

TimberTECH use Hubspot CRM to pave the way for business growth

A long-established market-leader in residential and commercial Cedar restoration, TimberTECH; recognised that “what they had always done marketing wise” wasn’t producing the same results anymore. They expressed the desire for aggressive growth in line with a raft of new Cedar-clad developments in Auckland (including Hobsonville Point.)


  1. Without a CRM in place, TimberTECH’s small team would not be able to cope with growth.
  2. The Marketing techniques, that had previously been working for them for many years, weren’t producing the same results anymore.
  3. A need was also expressed to drive immediate sales over the quiet Winter period.


Customer reactivation campaign to customers whose properties were due for service was developed which encompassed both marketing automation and nurturing elements. This campaign saw the business transition from managing outbound leads, i.e. contacting customers individually to inform them their property was due for maintenance, to implementing an inbound strategy i.e. customers contacting TimberTECH to request a quote for Cedar restoration or treatment.

Historically, lead acquisition was focussed on the offer of a ‘free quote’; an offer that was no longer in tune with today’s customer. A new approach to lead generation saw TimberTECH use advertising to offer prospects The Cedar Homeowners Guide, and a free Cedar diagnosis. TimberTECH was able to support the buyer’s journey through education. The development of a Cedar scale enabled customers to identify the state of their Cedar, and what treatment it required. A multi-channel customer acquisition campaign using a series of landing pages supported lead generation.

Hubspot CRM was implemented. RECIPE managed upload from WorkflowMax with segmentation of contacts into lifecycle stage, enabling the business to prepare for further targeted campaigns.



+15% increase in quotes in March (YoY)

+45% increase in quotes in April (YoY)

+25% increase on quotes throughout 6-month campaign duration (YoY)

+58-quotes delivered by customer reactivation campaign with further 20-leads requesting work over coming months.

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