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James Hardie NZ leverage RECIPE marketing to create a clear roadmap for success   

James Hardie NZ transition from Pardot to Hubspot to support their Marketing Automation Strategy

With a clear marketing automation strategy, project plan, and the right marketing automation platform in place, James Hardie NZ's in-house team has been empowered to meet the needs of their prospects and customers in order to drive business outcomes. 

Longtime users of Pardot, a marketing automation platform, James Hardie NZ had invested a significant amount in a grunty tool but could not see a return on their investment. To date, the team had been using Pardot to send newsletters: functionality that could be gained from implementation of a low-cost email sending platform. James Hardie NZ's marketing manager engaged RECIPE marketing to design a project that would see return on investment in the tool by delivering on the business' broader goals and challenges.  


  1. While the James Hardie team were excited about marketing automation, they were unsure how marketing automation could be used to tackle key business challenges, connecting the tools to the outcomes they wanted. 
  2. The internal team felt Pardot was ‘difficult to use’, ‘too technical’ and ‘clunky’ which translated to low use of Pardot.
  3. The internal team wanted to be empowered: with a significant spend attached to outsourcing digital campaign development, they wanted to be able to 'do the doing'. They needed a prioritised roadmap that would see them take the reigns and deliver on projects that would shift the dial. 


To define the key challenges the marketing automation strategy should respond to, a series of workshops with the marketing, customer service and sales teams saw a review of the business' overarching objectives, a digital health check to understand how users were engaging with digital assets, customer journey mapping, evaluation of key personas, and a SWOT analysis.

3 Focus areas were pinpointed: increasing customer satisfaction, driving conversion from product awareness to consideration, and sales & marketing alignment. 

Targeting, segmentation, content, conversion and retention strategies were developed showing how marketing automation could be used to create a frictionless, delightful experience for users and customers. 



With leadership aligned to the strategy, a prioritised roadmap of projects were created and allocated to internal team members showing specifically what needed to be done, how to do it, and by when. 




Without the right tools, the in-house marketing team would be unable to deliver on the project plan and still be reliant on 3rd parties of web developers to deliver. They needed a marketing automation platform for marketers: it had to be intuitive and easy to use in order to drive adoption. 

Assessing the capabilities of the team, HubSpot was recommended as a good fit. A trial period saw the internal team easily create drag and drop landing pages, workflows and emails in Hubspot.  The business decided to onboard with HubSpot in December 2018, and RECIPE marketing guided the business through HubSpot implementation and integration with Salesforce. 

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With a marketing automation strategy and project plan agreed, a team aligned around these, and a marketing automation tool in place the team could use, James Hardie NZ were empowered to execute. Coaching support, provided by RECIPE marketing's HubSpot certified trainers, is used to keep the team moving forward and delivering on the projects. 




"We appointed RECIPE marketing this year to help us develop our marketing automation strategy and define how it can better support our sales & marketing effort.

We have been very pleased with RECIPE marketing's ability to quickly understand our business challenges through a process of interview and workshop, and translate this into practical strategy and tactics for us to implement across the next 12 months. Soazik and Annie are very professional and both their personalities and skills complement each other well." 

3-34714_joshua-man-person-icon- Marketing manager, James Hardie NZ 



Project: Marketing Automation Strategy, Marketing Platform Implementation and training