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    Network Service Providers (NSP) use RECIPE marketing to transform their marketing & sales approach and align to the needs of their buyers



    With a clear Inbound marketing strategy, project plan, and HubSpot setup for them, Network Service Providers (NSP) have the thinking, activities and tools in place to attract customers to them (rather than relying on unsolicited, ineffective cold calling). Moving from 'business-first' to 'customer-centric', the marketing and sales teams are aligned in creating a delightful buying experience and on the roles each need to play to drive growth. 

    A mature business now operating in an environment where differentiation is challenging & the barrier to entry is low, NSP's "marketing effort isn’t getting the traction we need & our sales effort isn’t getting the outcome we want". NSP understood a new approach was required and RECIPE marketing was engaged to develop an inbound strategy and project plan that would light up a pathway for success with the internal team enabled to 'do the doing'. While HubSpot had been selected as the platform of choice to drive outcomes, the team needed HubSpot set up right for them and to understand how to use HubSpot to shift the dial. 


    1. Historically, NSP had relied on outbound sales and cold calling to start conversations with prospects. The team felt there was a better, more cost-effective way to bring on new customers: but what? 
    2. Marketing had traditionally been focused on creating brand awareness. What role should marketing play to get traction and create differentiation? 
    3. Data sat across several cluttered tech stacks, as well as spreadsheets: it was hard to get a unified view of how deals were progressing, communication between NSP and their leads and customers, and what marketing was working. 
    4. The internal marketing and sales team wanted to be empowered. They needed a prioritised roadmap that would see them take the reigns and deliver on projects that would shift the dial. 


    To understand why the business wasn't getting the outcome they wanted and to pave the way for successful HubSpot implementation, a series of workshops with the marketing, customer service and sales teams saw a review of the business' overarching objectives and segmentation, a digital health check to understand how users were engaging with digital assets, a customer journey was mapped, personas were developed, and a SWOT analysis was undertaken. 

    Through the process, RECIPE marketing helped the team understand their current marketing and sales processes were no longer aligned to how the buyer of today chooses to purchase. With a wealth of online resources, buyers don't need or want to speak to a salesperson until they're ready to. 

    NSP needed to create a scalable, repeatable buying experience that nurtures a decision-maker through their research process, using helpful content to inform and educate (rather than surprising them with a call from an unknown sales rep). We looked to understand 'what does our buyer need' to read, see, understand, before they're ready to speak to our sales team. A lead generation campaign was mapped to bring leads to NSP's door. 

    A positioning strategy to create differentiation was developed, along with a content and conversion strategy to support the buyer journey.

    Clear marketing metrics were redeveloped (traffic to lead, lead to sales-ready lead) that would enable the team to set SMART goals and measure a return on their investment. 



    With leadership aligned to the strategy, a prioritised roadmap of projects were created and allocated to internal team members showing specifically what needed to be done, how to do it, and by when. 




    RECIPE marketing supported the team to bring data from other platforms into HubSpot, segmenting and cleaning the dirty data. This gave the team visibility on their leads and customers. The team were coached on how to use HubSpot's tools to deliver on the project plan.  

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    LET'S GO

    A campaign map was supplied showing content that needed to be developed and how HubSpot's tools could be used to create a conversion pathway: supporting the journey of a decision-maker from researching the problem they had, to booking a meeting with NSP's sales team. 




    "We were introduced to RECIPE marketing via HubSpot Australia, while assessing CRM/Marketing Automation platforms. A large part of our decision to proceed with HubSpot was due to the high level of confidence we had in RECIPE to deploy. This assumption was strengthened with each interaction we had with RECIPE marketing. They have listened, and constantly seek to understand our business before making assumptions. They have been 100% committed to creating an environment of success for NSP. The high-level thinking that has been applied to our deployment that has ensured a strong base to our CRM is already benefiting our organisation. I was able to create and send an effective COVID-19 campaign on the fly via HubSpot in one afternoon. This bodes well for future campaigning and sales automation. Thank you!"

    Leigh Robinson
    Marketing Manager

    "Our business chose RECIPE marketing to drive our HubSpot implementation. I have been in sales as both a leader and hunter for 13-years now, and working with RECIPE marketing I learnt it lot. To make the most of a CRM as powerful as HubSpot, you need clear processes and strategic direction, which RECIPE marketing has in spades.

    In our cluttered industry, you need a way to cut through the noise: RECIPE marketing taught me the technique of using video prospecting. Combined with using HubSpot to track my outreach, this has been a strategic and powerful tool. "

    Steve Hurst
    Commercial Manager, NSP


    Project: Marketing Automation Strategy, Marketing Platform Implementation and training